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Pokemon Legends Fan Club!!!

This page is for any information on the Pokemon Legends Fan Club!!! . The group has 12 ranks although not every rank can be obtained.

How to rank up

  1. Fan- Just join the group, this is the first rank
  2. Admin Beggar- Beg for admin
  3. Mega Fan- Unknown
  4. *Staff- Unknown
  5. *Original Fans- Be a fan of the original game
  6. *Tournament Winners- Rank for those who win a Tournament.
  7. *YouTube Rep.- Representative of YouTube.
  8. *V.1 Admins- Admins of the original game.
  9. *Wiki Owner- Be the founder of the wiki
  10. Model Makers- Makes models for the game
  11. Admins- I'm going to assume these are people who work hard for the game
  12. *The Creator- A rank only for blueeyes0whitedragon

* Means that this rank is locked for only specific people

Benefits from Ranks

  1. Tournament Winners- Gets exclusive shiny Pokemon Tournaments
  2. Admins - They get person's commands