A table of contents for all the top tens and petition.

Top TensEdit


Mewtwo level 150



Top TensEdit

  • Add top tens like "Top Ten Ghost Type Pokemon" (Note: There doesn't have to be exactly ten Pokemon on there).
  • Anyone is free to add anything they want as long as it relates to the top ten.
  • Just because you put it as number one doesn't mean it will stay number 1.
  • These will never be closed


  • Add petitions to show that the public wants it or doesn't want it.
  • Each petition must include a vote against the item and for the item.
  • Each petition will be voted on for 7 days and then voting will stop.
  • Adding/Removing a specific Pokemon - 300 votes
  • Putting a level cap on specific Pokemon(Must be specific on level/Pokemon) - 200 votes
  • Don't try to vote more than once because the site will wipe any double voting.
  • Even if a petition gets the required amount of votes Blue still has the final say, no matter what

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